I Hole Up in a Snowstorm

Search the "Catskill Mountians" Find some information about them. Upload pictures of them to this page and tell about the pictures.

I Get Started on This Venture

List the events that caused narrator to leave New York City.

I Find Gribley's Farm

Find a quote in the book you really enjoy. Enter into a discussion about the quote and respond to each other.

I Find Many Useful Plants

The Old, Old Tree

I Meet One of My Own Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away

The King's Provider

What I Did About the First Man Who was After Me

I Learned to Season My Food

After reading Chapters 4-9 do the following activities:

How a Door Came to Me

Frightful Learns Her ABCs

I Find a real Live man

The Autumn Provides Food and Loneliness

Design a Catskill Mountain Food Chain. An example has been done for you.

We All Learn About Halloween

I Find Out What to Do with Hunters

Trouble Begins

I Pile Up Wood and Go on with Winter

On Kidspriation create a diagram of what Sam's Tree Home would look like. You need to include and describe
( with a one to two sentence caption) at least 5 items Sam talks about in these chapter. Then upload it to this page.

I Lean About Birds and People

I Have a Good Look at Winter and Find Spring in the Snow

The Spring in the Winter and the Beginning of My Story End

I Cooperate with the Ending

The City Comes to Me

As the final activity, create a poem describing the lesson Sam learned in the book.

Vocabulary Games