Mr. Ocax

On your page define ebony and talons.
Click here to tell what you know about owls and what you want to learn about them.

Poppy Remembers

Enter into a discussion on the following topics:
Are there consequences for one's behavior? What can happen if one questions authority? How can one's actions affect change in a positive way?" What characters question authority and what happens to them as a result?

Poppy Alone

As a group write a summary of the story so far. Include in the summary how Poppy is feeling now that Ragweed is gone.

The Emergency Meeting

We are going to participate in a setting activity. Click here for more details.

Leaving Gray House

Assignment for December 4, 2008... there isn't one. Read the next chapter. See you tomorrow, boys. Mrs. Mullins

Standing Before Mr. Ocax

Home Again

Poppy and Papa

Read up to this point. When you have completed the above chapters, look up what a "Simile" is below. On the next page write ten similes for the setting and characters of the book Poppy.

Write your similies on this page.

On Our Way

Dimwood Forrest

Go back to your Kidspriation setting activity and add more places with more descriptions. Upload the updated map to this page.

Erethizone Dorsatum

What Poppy Learns

Pick one scene out to the book. Rewrite it using your own words, but keeping the main idea the same. Write out the script and record it on Garage Band. If we are lucky we can then upload your scene to the next page.